Canterbury Waterblast Ltd


Our specialised high pressure water blasting equipment can have varied pressure up to 8000PSI.  We take pride in our work and take extreme care with each job. 

Our team is experienced with all types of water blasting, from

  • Low pressure wash down (pre painting)
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Driveways, Paths, Roofs and walls
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Swimming Pools
  • Plant and Machinery, Boats and Trucks
  • Steam Cleaning

Sucker Truck and Water blaster


With our suction trucks we are able to safely remove any unwanted liquid waste.  All work is carried out with accordance of local body regulations. 

* Septic Tanks   * Grease Traps

* Sumps   * Wash down sites

  Blocked Drains


Sewer and Storm water drains are cleared using high pressure, high volume water.  We are also able to remove tree roots from drains using our specialised cutting nozzle. 

Problem drains?  Our video equipment will identify exactly what is causing the blockages, and pinpoint where the problem is. 



Hydro-Excavation provides a safe, non-destructive digging using pressurized water and an powerful vacuum.  It is quicker than hand digging with a much smaller hole, and eliminates the risk of damaging existing underground infrastructure.  It is also used to install light and telephone pole bases.